CFO (Chief Feline Officer)

We are sad to say that Tortillini crossed the Rainbow Bridge in January of 2019. We will miss her nonchalant attitude, her amazing skills at reception and her “help” with any bag of food she could find. We were blessed to have such a unique and loving cat as part of our family for the past 14 years.

Tortillini arrived at the Animal Care Clinic in 2005 as an injured abandon 6 week old kitten. During recovery the staff at the Animal Care Clinic fell in love with her sweet yet devious personality (e.g. any bag of food left unattended may be thoroughly “searched”!).

Torti has become somewhat of a permanent fixture in the front office, either lying motionless on the front counter or on a reception area chair. She often surprises our clients and their pets when she suddenly starts to move.

Her feline wisdom lets her know when the approach of a dog can be welcomed or feared. Torti’s laid back personality allows her to be a willing volunteer to help our team demonstrate to owners how to medicate their cats.

When not involved with her CFO duties (sleeping, napping, having a siesta, etc.), Torti loves attention and always welcomes a pat on the head or a rub of the belly.