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Tick and Heartworm Disease Prevention

Spring Has Sprung!

And so have the yearly creepy-crawlies that can affect your pet’s health.

Each year we offer seasonal specials on tick and heartworm disease testing, as well as wellness testing, to help all of our pets be as healthy as possible for the year.

Tick Disease and Prevention

Ticks are gross and a growing concern in the GTA as some ticks can carry diseases, especially Lyme disease, that are serious for both your pet and you (Lyme disease can infect humans).

The best protection for your pet (and you!) is to test your pet for heartworm and tick disease and give them protection throughout the year.

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Heartworm Disease and Prevention

Heartworm is a nasty disease that is literally described by its name: Parasitic worms that live in pets’ hearts. As you can imagine, this is not a good situation for pets.

Heartworm disease is more prevalent in warmer southern regions, such as the southern USA, however in the last decade it has become much more common in southern Ontario (and it’s prevalence is continuing to increase here). Because of this, we recommend all dogs in southern Ontario be on a heartworm preventative medication.

Fortunately heartworm disease is easy prevent – a simple yearly test (that also tests for tick-borne diseases) and monthly preventive medication.

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Annual Wellness Testing

Each year during our spring tick and heartworm disease prevention promotion, we offer a discount on annual wellness testing. When we take a test for heartworm and tick disease, it’s simple to add a more comprehensive profile to look at your pet’s overall health.

Annual wellness testing helps us find health issues earlier than without testing, which allows us work together with you to diagnose and treat health issues before they become more serious, keeping your pet healthier.

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