Instant Pet Medical Insurance

We believe in pet medical insurance.

Pet medical insurance is health insurance for your pet and provides financial coverage for unexpected veterinary costs. We encourage all owners to carry pet medical insurance for their pets.*

Instant Pet Medical Insurance Coverage

Most pet medical insurance has a waiting period (typically 30-90 days after sign-up) before a pet is covered. When a pet receives an exam at Animal Care Clinic, we are able to offer pet medical insurance instantly, with no waiting period. 

No Charge Instant Coverage for 30 Days

Our instant coverage is offered at no charge for the first 30 days. This is not a trial, but full pet medical insurance coverage. If you are happy with the insurance after 30 days, you can choose to continue your coverage with a monthly plan (again with no waiting period). Note that we do not get any payment or other benefit by recommending insurance – we recommend it because we believe in it.

Instant Pet Medical Insurance Approval and Payment

We are now able to offer a unique service: Instant approval and payment for pet medical insurance claims. With instant approval, you will know if your pet’s condition is covered, and any spending limits, deductibles or other details before you decide what diagnostics and treatments to do. We can also take payment directly from the insurance company. No more wondering if you’re covered!

Note that we can only offer instant approval and payment with the instant Pet Medical Insurance Coverage described above (this service is not available with other insurance providers currently).

More Information

Want more info on Pet Medical Insurance? We’re here to help: Don’t hesitate to contact us.

*We walk the walk: Even our owner has pet health insurance for his pets!