The Animal Care Clinic was established in 1944 by Dr. Ross Arnott, of Hornby Ontario after graduating from the Ontario Veterinary College. At this time Brampton was a major agricultural centre providing food to the City of Toronto. Veterinary practices in the area serviced the surrounding farming community.

Through the early 1950s, as the urban population expanded, the demand for small animal care increased and Dr. Arnott built a clinic adjacent to his home on Queen St. West. This allowed him to provide veterinary services to both his farm and urban clients. For more than 35 years Dr. Arnott supplied veterinary care to all species of animals, and retired to Hornby in 1976 the year Dr. Richardson purchased the practice.

The staff originally numbering three has grown with the practice and now numbers in the mid-teens. Because of the long-standing and consistent staffing over the years, many of the clients and their animals know most of the staff on a first name basis. For several of our patients we are providing veterinary care for the pets of third generation clients. We do this with great pride.

Animal Care has always looked to providing better care for our furry friends. We were a founding member clinic of the Mississauga Emergency Clinic in 1985, when Dr. Richardson served as the inaugural Chairman. This clinic has expanded over the years and is now known as the Mississauga-Oakville Veterinary Emergency and Referral Hospital. The clinic offers advanced diagnostic, treatment, and surgical services for our patients. In 2002 Animal Care was a founding member clinic of the (Brampton) Veterinary Emergency Clinic in the Wexford Plaza on highway 10 north of Bovaird.

Our Patients:

  • Dogs
  • Cats