Parasite Prevention Products

These are the veterinary parasite prevention products that we carry at the Animal Care Clinic.


These are products that go on your pet’s skin.

  • Advantage: Fleas (dogs and cats)
  • Advantage Multi: Heartworm, fleas, intestinal parasites and some mites (dogs and cats)
  • Advantix: Tick and flea prevention (dogs ONLY)
  • Revolution: Heartworm, flea, intestinal parasites and some mites & ticks (dogs and cats)


These are products given to your pet by mouth.

  • Bravecto: Fleas and ticks (dogs only)
  • Heartgard: Heartworm, intestinal parasites (dogs only)
  • Nexgard: Fleas and ticks (dogs only)
  • Sentinel: Heartworm, intestinal parasites (dogs only)